Our Journey

About ACRL-RfP

African Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL) – RfP is unique since it was the first one in the continent to bring together different faith in working for a common goal. By doing this, the organization seeks to consolidate and institutionalize inter-faith and multi-religious cooperation in Africa.

Formed In the late 1990’s. We are a continental coalition of different faith organizations, faith communities and religious leaders, working together to advance peace, sustainable development and shared well-being. All our interventions are aligned with vision, mission goals and mandate of ACRL – RfP to realize impactful results.

// Our Vision

Sustainable peace and justice in Africa.

// Our Mission

Mobilizing religious leaders and their communities to build peaceful, just, hopeful and harmonious societies in Africa.

Our Values

We are unreservedly concerned with the spiritual and wholesome development of all human beings as a demonstration of love through religious leaders.

We recognize that all human beings have equal potential, with an innate right to be respected.

We are committed to ensuring that our actions adhere to our moral and ethical principles.

We constantly seek to innovate and uphold excellence in all our endeavors.

We are fully accountable to all our stakeholders by serving as stewards of all resources

The Secretariat

// Secretary General

Dr. Francis Kuria

// Finance Director

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// IHD Advisor

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// Peace Advisor

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// IS Advisor

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// Program Officer - IHD

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// Program Officer - Peace

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// Program Officer - Environment

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// Program Officer - IS

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// Communication Associate

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// Intern - Peace & Justice

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// Intern - IS

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