Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons (TPNW)

ACRL-RfP has been in partnership with International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN)for over hive (5) years with the objective of advocating for the total elimination of nuclear weapons, Upon the Entry into Force of the 2017 United Nations TPNW sorts are now geared towards promoting the signature and ratification by African States

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Join the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons, stop the arms trade, and promote responsible arms management.

explosive weapons in populated areas (ewipa)

The current process toward a political declaration aims to address the use of EWIPA, particularly weapons with wide area effects. When explosive weapons are used in populated areas, they cause immediate and long-term harm to the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. In particular, the use of EWIPA kills and injures large numbers of civilians and causes psychological harm. Hundreds of thousands of civilians across almost 120 countries have been killed or injured by explosive weapons in the past decade alone, and 90 percent of those civilian casualties occurred in populated areas.3 Reverberating effects include damage to critical infrastructure and displacement of the local population, among other adverse impacts.

Together, we can make a difference.

By demanding action and raising awareness, we can help protect innocent civilians from the horrific consequences of EWIPA.

Arms trade treaty (att)

The ATT is an attempt to regulate the international trade of conventional weapons for the purpose of contributing to international and regional peace; reducing human suffering; and promoting co-operation, transparency, and responsible action by and among states.
The treaty was negotiated in New York City at a global conference under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) from 2–27 July 2012As it was not possible to reach an agreement on a final text at that time, a new meeting for the conference was scheduled for 18–28 March 2013.On 2 April 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted the ATT.

Stop the Suffering!

Together, we can create a world where the arms trade does not fuel violence and suffering. Take action today!

Conventional Arms Data for Accountability (CODA)

The proliferation of conventional arms has been a major challenge in many parts of the world, leading to conflicts, violence, and loss of lives. The situation is particularly dire in Africa, where the availability of small arms and light weapons has contributed significantly to instability and insecurity in many countries. This has resulted in numerous conflicts, civil wars, and acts of terrorism, leading to massive displacement of people, loss of lives, and destruction of property.

Silence the Guns in Africa.

Together, we can silence the guns and build a brighter future for Africa. Let’s make Peace in Africa a reality!

Autonomous Weapons (AW)

Autonomous Weapons systems select and apply force to targets without human intervention. After initial activation or launch by a person, an autonomous weapon system self-initiates or triggers a strike in response to information from the environment received through sensors and on the basis of a generalized "target profile". This means that the user does not choose, or even know, the specific target(s) and the precise timing and/or location of the resulting application(s) of force.

Demand Human Control in Warfare.

Together, we can keep humans in control of warfare. Say NO to killer robots!